Sunday, March 13, 2016

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Apple Vs FBI Vs US Constitution


I find it a bit absurd to write an article sending someone to another article. But sometimes someone else's writing is so good that I have to help draw attention to it. I've been pouring through a deluge of articles, videos, podcasts... discussing aspects of the Apple Vs FBI Vs US Constitution case. This specific article is one of the best of the lot and provides an excellent summary of the core failings of the FBI's case, discussing the law involved in detail with very good reader comprehension. Please read this article by John Eden at TechCrunch:

Why Apple is right to resist the FBI
... Apple should do what is necessary to preserve our enduring constitutional values, including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Those values also include the privacy and speech rights protected by the Constitution. The First Amendment famously protects an individual’s right to say what he or she thinks or feels, and the Fourth Amendment guarantees that Americans shall be free of unreasonable searches and seizure.

These values and constitutional ideals are not mere commodities to be traded away, but are instead regulative ideals that capture and define who we are. Such ideals must remain unmolested by the temporary whims of each and every government agency. That’s what it means to be a nation of laws that is guided by a constitution.

In this particular case, Apple has a responsibility to resist the FBI’s efforts to force the company to undermine the security measures in its mobile operating system. To understand what is at stake here, one has to think deeply about what the world would be like if Apple were to comply with the FBI’s demands.... 
In a nutshell, here’s where we are: A government agency is trying to force the world’s most valuable technology company to break its encryption technology despite (1) having no legal authority to do so and (2) being unable to articulate what they hope to achieve on behalf of the American people. Sounds like a grand bargain to me.
Thank you to John Eden for excellent writing and thank you to the folks at MacDailyNews for bringing the article to my attention.


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