Monday, March 7, 2016

Apple Provides A Web Page Of
Amicus Briefs in Support of Apple


I've been slowly slogging through Apple's provided 'Amicus Briefs in Support of Apple'. It's an extraordinary list of supporters with links to their court briefs, letters to the court and related statement pages on the web:

Apple Press Info: Amicus Briefs in Support of Apple

I'm giving a talk tonight at a local user group about Apple Vs FBI Vs US Constitution, so I'll simply suggest looking through the list. An amazing array of companies and organizations are supporting Apple's court case.

Meanwhile, I'm not seeing much more than desperation, rhetoric and hyperbole from my government in response. Today's comic over at Joy of Tech summarizes their loony desperation:

What bothers me, of course, is that this bumbling attempt at imposing totalitarianism in the USA will be followed up with more polished, manipulative, propagandist attempts that appeal to the ignorant and easy frightened among us. We've already seen the Director of the FBI post a highly emotion-oriented appeal on the net with little reference to the real legal issue. I expect more of the same in the future with the volume cranked up to 11.

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