Thursday, March 10, 2016

Adobe Critical Updates:
In-The-Wild Exploit!


Over the past few days, Adobe has provided critical security updates. Version numbers and download links:

Flash v21.0.0.182 --Active exploit in-the-wild
AIR v21.0.0.176 --Active exploit in-the-wild
Acrobat v15.010.20060
Reader v15.010.20060
Digital Editions v4.5.1

Here are the links to the various Adobe Security Bulletins:

Flash & AIR

Acrobat & Reader
Digital Editions

And here are the number of CVEs patched:

Flash & AIR: 18. 

 - CVE-2016-1010 is being actively exploited in-the-wild.
(CVE-2016-0960, CVE-2016-0961, CVE-2016-0962, CVE-2016-0963, CVE-2016-0986, CVE-2016-0987, CVE-2016-0988, CVE-2016-0989, CVE-2016-0990, CVE-2016-0991, CVE-2016-0993, CVE-2016-0994, CVE-2016-0995, CVE-2016-0996, CVE-2016-1000, CVE-2016-1001, CVE-2016-1005, CVE-2016-1010)
Acrobat & Reader: 3
(CVE-2016-1007, CVE-2016-1008, CVE-2016-1009)
Digital Editions: 1 
So get updating kids! Adobe critical updates go on forever...


And remember: 
UNinstall the Java Internet plug-in and never install it again! 
Don't bother updating it. 
Just UNinstall it.
Never install it again.


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