Thursday, December 4, 2008

Update: The State Of Trojan OSX.RSPlug, aka the 'Porno Trojan'

The net-cracker effort to bring the 'RSPlug' Trojan horse from Windows over to Mac OS X continues apace. As of this week we are now up to version E, aka Trojan OSX.RSPlug.E. Again, this Trojan is showing up at scam pornography websites.

The difference with variants D and E, however, are particularly nefarious. Instead of the Trojan itself being the full payload of malware, it downloads the actual payload from the Internet. This means the Trojan can install literally anything into your system. It's not just for DNS forwarding phishing scams any more.

Of course, it will be possible to kill off the payload Internet sites one by one as sub-variants of D & E pop up. But once infected, a Mac could theoretically become zombied, which these days is the prime goal of net-crackers. Botnets can make big money. As was popularly reported last week, the taking down of one particular bot wrangler killed off as much as 70% of SPAM distribution for a few days. That's a massive botnet. Imagine the profit the bot wrangler was pulling in. Sadly, the botnet involved remained intact and another bot-wrangler stepped in to take advantage of it, restoring SPAM to its usual blasting volume.

You can read the details about Trojan OSX.RSPlug.E over at Intego's website.

One hilarious flagging giveaway of this Trojan is the continued laziness of the developers' social engineering method. Instead of altering their tease line to potential wetware victims, they left it exactly the same as the Windows version. This means that anyone who is both Mac and Windows savvy will realize immediately that something screwy is going on. The blunder is the tease line "Video ActiveX Object Error". For those who don't know, ActiveX is a scripting monstrosity perpetrated by Microsoft several years back. Yeah, it was another of their attempts to make the Internet proprietary. ActiveX is entirely irrelevant on Mac OS X, thank goodness, as it is a gigantic, wide open door for malware infection on Windows. The only web browser on Mac capable of running ActiveX rubbish is FireFox, and you have to specifically install an ActiveX extension. Therefore, for the moment, if you run into a "Video ActiveX Object Error" on a website, you have just run into an attempt to infect you with the Trojan OSX.RSPlug.

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