Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Off Topic: How to meet trolls and play S&M games

The Internet of course reflects humanity at large. The difference is, on the Internet cowards can come out of their hiding holes and swat you with their widdle hands. You say 'ouch' and they get all orgasmic. These lost little souls are referred to as trolls.

In the process of researching an upcoming article about Clamav, the cross platform Open Source anti-malware program, I ran over the biggest concentration of trolls of 2008. It's the Clamav Users email list. If you'd like to meet trolls and play S&M games, here is where to sign up:

Clamav Abusers

Tell them Derek sent you. Enjoy a laugh at my expense. ;-D
I guarantee you'll learn utter nonsense about malware while you're there. And who doesn't find nonsense amusing.

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