Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Apple Security Update 008

10.5.6 was released Monday afternoon in combination with Apple Security Update 008. The security update is also available separately for Tiger, 10.4. You grab them via Software Update within Mac OS X or download them from Apple's website.

Here are some highlights:

- ATS (Apple Type Services) bug/security update. 10.5 only.

- BOM (Bill of Materials) security update.

- CoreGraphics security update.

- CoreServices security update to prevent web hijacking of a user's credentials.

- CoreTypes security update. Adds further file types to its Internet download warning list. 10.5 only.

- FlashPlayer Plug-in security update.

- Kernel security update. 10.5 only.

- LibSystem:
  • - Security update to the inet_net_pton API.
  • - Security update to the strptime API.
  • - Security update to the strfmon API.
- Managed Client bug/security update. 10.5 only.

- network_cmds bug/security update.

- Podcast Producer security update. 10.5 Server only.

- UDF (Universal Disk Format) ISO (International Standards Organization disk image) handling bug/security update.

Details regarding 10.5.6 can be found over at my MacSmarticles blog.

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