Monday, November 2, 2015

DANGER! Is Now Foisting Adware


 [UPDATE: I have added 5 further adware installer replacements the list.]

This is profoundly sad.

• On October 30, 2015, pulled the link to the real Skype update installer and substituted their adware installer entitled 'MacUpdate Installer'. I have a copy of this adware installer if folks would like a look at it. MacUpdate has since removed the adware installer and returned the link for Skype.

• Today, November 2, 2015, has now removed the link to Firefox and replaced it with their adware installer, again entitled 'MacUpdate Installer'. Adding hurt to harm, the Firefox page is three versions out-of-date! It lists Firefox v41.0, doesn't acknowledge the two updates since then and is clueless about the fact that Firefox 42.0 was released today!

• Further research at the website has revealed that direct links to downloads have been replaced with the 'MacUpdate Installer' adware installer:
  • AppCleaner
  • BetterTouchTool
  • FileZilla_3
  • MPlayerX
  • Picasa has lost its professionalism. no longer provides up-to-date software update links.

MacUpdate now hurts its users with an adware installer. IOW its users are now its product. It is selling its users to ad agencies via adware installation.

I've written this post as a brief alert: Users BEWARE!

In further posts, I'll be covering this horrific corruption of in detail.

Write to the staff of and tell them what you think of their adware installer:


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