Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Adobe Update Day:
Flash v19.0.0.245,
AIR v19.0.0.241


Another second-Tuesday-of-the-month, another set of Adobe updates. Happily, at this time there are no zero-day exploits out in the wild. Hurray.

The Adobe Security Bulletin is HERE.
Vulnerability Details
  • These updates resolve a type confusion vulnerability that could lead to code execution (CVE-2015-7659).
  • These updates resolve a security bypass vulnerability that could be exploited to write arbitrary data to the file system under user permissions (CVE-2015-7662).
  • These updates resolve use-after-free vulnerabilities that could lead to code execution (CVE-2015-7651, CVE-2015-7652, CVE-2015-7653, CVE-2015-7654, CVE-2015-7655, CVE-2015-7656, CVE-2015-7657, CVE-2015-7658, CVE-2015-7660, CVE-2015-7661, CVE-2015-7663, CVE-2015-8042, CVE-2015-8043, CVE-2015-8044, CVE-2015-8046).
You can download the latest version of Adobe Flash HERE.

You can  download the latest version of Adobe AIR HERE.

As usual, if you don't need Adobe Flash, it is extremely wise to UNinstall it. Flash is the single most dangerous software on the Mac platform. Instructions for uninstalling Adobe Flash are HERE.

 Stay safe out there kids.


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