Friday, February 8, 2013

Meanwhile, In Windows World...


Every now and then it's worth a minute's time to reflect upon the relative calm, safety and security of using OS X and other Apple software versus that Microsoft stuff. Yes, Linux is kewl too! You'll never catch me dissing Linux! But you will find me laughing up my sleeve every time I read WINDOWS HORROR STORIES like this:

Every single Internet Explorer at risk of drive-by hacks until Patch Tuesday   
FIFTY-SEVEN gaping holes closed this month
By John Leyden, The Register
In all, the soon-to-be-patched vulnerabilities exist in the Windows operating system, Internet Explorer web browser, Microsoft Server Software, Microsoft Office and the .NET framework.

The Redmond giant normally bundles together fixes for Internet Explorer bugs into a single monthly update, but February's Patch Tuesday release will feature two bulletins both addressing critical IE vulnerabilities. All versions of IE from 6 to 10, including the ARM port running on Windows RT on the Surface tablet, will need patching. . .
If you use Windows, this is well worth a read. Patch Tuesday even includes a patch for a vulnerability all the way back to Windows XP. If the Internet gets particularly bogged down on Tuesday, February 12th, you'll know why. It's Patch Tuesday!

No trolls! Apple is never perfect. They've had their own bad months as well. It's just that Apple does it better than everyone else. Deny that at your peril. (^_^) And may it stay that way forever.


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