Monday, February 18, 2013

China's Red Hacker Alliance:
Integrated Into China's Military
(and personal philosophical observations)

One of the first subjects I started following in my Mac-Security blog, back in 2007, was the incessant cracking and botting of USA government computers by our 'Most Favored Nation' pals in China. It had started back in 1998 with the consolidation of Chinese hackers into the 'Red Hacker Alliance' and has continued ever onward. It wasn't until 2007 that the US government admitted they were being cracked by China, despite nine years of clear evidence of the problem.

Back in 2007 it was clear that the Red Hacker Alliance was financially supported, if not outright directed, by the central Chinese government. After Chinese cracking and botting of government computers had hit the news headlines, the Red Hacker Alliance performed a Duck-And-Cover manoeuvre and disappeared off the Internet. It was assumed that they were simply absorbed into the Chinese government.

Another five years later and at last it is public knowledge that the Red Hacker Alliance was absorbed into the Chinese military. Here's an article published today by the New York Times on the subject, discussing a report that will be formally published Tuesday, 2013-02-18:

Chinese Army Unit Is Seen as Tied to Hacking Against U.S.

About bloody time the USA noticed. If I have managed to give you the impression that the US government is DEADLY SLOW and incoherent regarding Internet security, I have succeeded with my point. I cannot fathom that this slothful response to China is due to 'protecting the public' from such scary information. No, I consider this to be plain old TechTard computer security illiteracy and incompetence.

However, there have been intelligent efforts to deal with the Chinese situation within some parts of the US government. I was able to verify a few years ago that at least part of the US military was well aware of the fact that China is the USA's most dangerous enemy country. Not the excremental fake Muslim lunatic murderers in the Middle East; Not the totalitarian slave hell hole nation of North Korea; Not Russia: Criminal Nation. No, it's China: Criminal Nation.

I've had some of the Red Hacker Alliance kids point out to me that the USA is the biggest espionage country on the planet, that the USA has been spying on China much longer than China has been spying on the USA, and so forth. China is justified to spy back. Certainly, since 2007, we've seen USA (and Israeli) spyware and malware targeted at countries around the world for various purposes. The Stuxnet worm is an example from 2011. We've heard of much more malware espionage since then.

It's SPY vs SPY game playing and it appears to be inevitable.

What's different about China: Criminal Nation, is their vehement hatred and bad attitude toward nearly everything. The Chinese government treats its citizens as meat units, alive only to do the government's bidding. (As opposed to the USA where it is 'supposed' to be the other way around. Except darn, now the USA is nothing more than a Corporate Oligarchy despite a few remaining frills of democracy). The Chinese culture in general despises the USA. For years it was known that exploits of the Red Hacker Alliance were published in Chinese magazines and met with cheers from the admiring Chinese populace. We also know that, as is usual with any 'communist' system, personal incentive is crushed by the Chinese government, driving the citizenry to find their own personal incentives by way of crime. The result has been an accelerating Chinese culture of lies, deceit, robbery, ripoff, fakery, con-jobs, destruction of nearly extinct Earth animals for the sake of temporary profit..., any form of crime imaginable. Sadly, the Chinese bad attitude and criminal behavior also extends into its system of espionage, where the entire point is to own and ruin the rest of the world. I find no evidence to the contrary. China has become the world's troll.

Please don't ever believe I have any less respect for the Chinese people than I do for every other worthwhile, kind and caring human beings on our miracle planet. But as a systems analysis specialist, I can point at the current Chinese culture and state 'This Is Diseased' just as easily as i can point at my own USA Corporate Oligarchy 'government' and state 'This Is Diseased'.

Danger: Philosophy Ahead

IMHO we're in the midst of yet-another, nothing new from the pages of human history, espionage war between two factions of stupid psychopaths. And We The People get to watch... and suffer from the irresponsible consequences. :-P

There are ways for decent human beings to work well together and kick the psychopathic behavioral problems OUT of our cultures. How about we expend time, money, effort and lives toward this far superior goal, instead of the self-destructive screwing-over of everything that moves? What is it with our human self-destructive imperative? Do we want to survive as a species? Do we want there to be life on miracle planet Earth? Or not? :-(

I get philosophical like that.

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