Friday, October 19, 2012

Warning: Phishing Rats Want Your Apple ID

Today an article came to my attention that is of extreme relevance. It's about an ongoing Phishing Rat campaign using social engineering to steal Apple IDs. After all the intermittent reports I've heard about Apple IDs being stolen, including within my family (ahem), this appears to be the prime source of the problem:

The Websense® ThreatSeeker® Network has detected a phishing campaign whose potential victims are holders of an Apple ID account. . . . The phishing campaign begins with an email message like this one, informing the recipient of a "suspended" Apple ID...

Please read the article. Clearly this phishing campaign is a prime source of LUSER behavior leading to robbery of Apple accounts and everything that goes with them.

IF you receive one of these Apple ID 'suspended' phishing emails, please report it to:

When you report phishing email, please be sure to include the entire email, including full headers, in your report to Apple. Reporting phishing email to the scammed company source is the best way to stop dead any phishing campaign. The entire Apple user community will appreciate your rat extermination assistance.

It is also useful to report phishing email as spam to your ISP or one of the spam blacklist websites, such as SpamCop.

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