Tuesday, August 30, 2011

ZeoBIT MacKeeper Crapware
Marketing Moron Attack

Yesterday I got hit with my first ZeoBIT MacKeeper bomber page while searching on Google. I call it a 'bomber' page because it uses JavaScript (the sworn enemy of web security) to force a popup page into your web browser, despite your popup settings. When the nasty page appeared and blared its rhetoric at me, I thought I must have found a new version of MAC Defender. But no, this is a legal Mac software suite being foisted at you via offensive marketing moron methods.

The nasty ZeoBIT MacKeeper popup page attempted to tell me that the Google result page I had open was considered potentially dangerous. Right. Therefore, I used Google again to find out what this crapware really was. I was pleased to discover that my net colleague Thomas Reed had created an excellent write-up about this crapware last week. Thomas and I work together in a Mac malware discussion group on the net. Enjoy:

I also found an article about MacKeeper provided by Daniel Feeney:

To quote one comment from Daniel's initial review of MacKeeper:

Mostly what they do is take existing features of your operating system and put it in one place, and make you pay for the privilege. Add in their aggressive marketing, the fact it uses Wine (classic half-assed windows developers trying to cash in on gullible Mac users), and the reports of horrible system performance after installing this crap, and well, do you really want to deal with it?
Needless to say: 
I suggest that NO ONE install MacKeeper or believe a word ZeoBIT spew at you via their marketing moron attack methods.

[Marketing Moron: Any human who uses abusive or disrespectful methods of selling or promoting a product or service. Antonym: Marketing Maven. Use in a sentence: 'The decay of the modern business practices is morbidly illustrated by the unprecedented increase of marketing morons, self-destructive brigands who treat customers with contempt. ]


  1. I've been bombarded by mackeep marketing everywhere! It's incredible the amount of sites they advertise! Do they really advertise or steal add site? I can't imagine they paying all that space in the internet.

    How do they do it?


  2. Above two comments, same user, one acting as an employee at Zeobit, the other acting as a customer.
    I honestly was going to give you a chance but after reading your two comments I don't think I'll be trying your app any time soon...

  3. What is the most efficient way to completely un-install MacKeeper?

  4. The best way of removing MacKeeper is to go to their website and follow their instructions for uninstallation. I've seen mixed reviews about how thorough their method really is. But I do NOT recommend installing any 3rd party software that competes with MacKeeper and offers an uninstall feature. You may well be replacing one crappy program with another.

    There are several programs that will scour out leftovers from uninstalled applications. Some are free, some are shareware. I personally have, being an Intego fan, As an Intego fanaatic, I use their application WashingMachine. It keeps track of what you've installed and allows you to remove every remnant. (I received it as a freebie, but the usual price is $10).

    A free alternative with reasonable reviews is Magican. It's got some clunkiness and I certainly wouldn't depend on it's anti-malware features. But it will help with lingering leftovers.

    Some other alternatives that may not be as efficient:
    Onyx - free.
    iTrash - $8
    HDCleanUp - $4
    AppCleaner - free
    AppZapper - $13
    AppTrap - free

    One strategy, if you choose to use an app that watches installations in order to know what to UNinstall is to get that application running, then INstall MacKeeper. Then use that application to UNinstall MacKeeper. Your remover app sees everything coming in, knows where it is, then lets you completely remove all of it.

    BTW: I've read that MacKeeper has been sold off by ZeoBIT. However, none of its web addresses have changed and neither has its intrusive, dishonest marketing moron abuse of potential customers. The only improvement in their marketing I have seen is that they have stopped flooding app review websites with 4 and 5 star coerced and, as we can see in the comments posted here from 'chill', dishonest reviews. Gee thanks. (o_0)