Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Adobe CRITICAL Security Updates for August!

Adobe released another slew of 'Critical' security updates today. Here's the lineup:

- Adobe Shockwave Player - Update to v11.6.1.629. (Be careful which version you install, either 32-bit or 64-bit, to match the bit mode being used by your web browsers. If one version fails, uninstall it and try the other). Numerous memory corruption (buffer overflow) vulnerabilities.

- Adobe Flash Media Server - Update to v4.0.3 or v3.5.7. Memory corruption (buffer overflow) vulnerability.

- Adobe AIR - Update to version v2.7.1. (Apparently required as part of the Adobe Flash Player update).

- Adobe Flash Player - Update to v10.3.186.5. Numerous memory corruption (buffer overflow) vulnerabilities and a cross-site information disclosure vulnerability.

- Adobe Photoshop CS5 - Update via CS5/CS5.1 Standard Multiplugin Update. Malicious GIF file vulnerability.

- Adobe RoboHelp / RoboHelp Server - RoboHelp v9.0.1.262 users are NOT vulnerable. Earlier RoboHelp 9 users update via APSB11-23_1.zip. RoboHelp 8 users update via APSB11-23_2.zip. Cross-site scripting attack vulnerability.

You can access links to all the security announcements and update files here:

Adobe Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) Blog


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