Thursday, May 21, 2009

Twitter Spamrat Attacks -> Nuisance

Last night I became aware that someone has, dare I say, 'hacked' Twitter such that logged in users are instantaneously befriended/followed by scum spammers. For all I know, this is deliberate by the Twitter folks or there is some other nebulous explanation. What I do know is that it is a BLOODY NUISANCE!

Thankfully it is easy to block the spamrats as they show up in your followers list. But then you have to scour through your followers list at least every day to kick them out. So far it is also easy to spot them by checking out their page. It will be full of moronic spam tweets. If by chance you've been vacant enough to choose to follow them and your tweet collection turns into a pile of blithering idiotic ads for rubbish, again it is easy to kick them.

I hope Twitter get a handle on this, if indeed it isn't some sort of sell-out collaboration, because it is soooo boring having to sort through your lists and play Spot-The-Loony. Bloody! Bloody I say!

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