Thursday, May 21, 2009

Java is DANGER! Apple is SLOW POKE!

One of my favorite jabs at the anti-Mac security FUD mongers is to point out that their FUD attack party, ongoing since it was started by Symantec way back in August 2005, has happily prodded Apple to get serious about Mac OS X security updates. I then extend them a hearty handshake and gleefully, maniacally, laugh.

However, Mac security mavens point out that Apple is still a slow poke. Damned right! There are a couple short articles over at Intego about an ongoing security hole in the current implementation of Java in Mac OS X:
-> Apple Hasn’t Updated Java to Protect Mac Users from Critical Vulnerabilities
-> Intego Security Memo: Java Vulnerability

To defenders of the faith, such as myself, this is annoying. First off, we get to be poked by the FUD mongers with the 'see, I told you' routine. Second off, I am so sick of the corrosion that has happened to the great and shiny image in the sky of Java being this ultra-safe, can't break into your computer, can't hurt you, technology. Yeah, and Sun is now no more. Justice is served. But we're stuck with the mess as a web standard.
*rolling eyes*

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