Monday, May 24, 2021

Apple Lied To Me


After weeks of battling with a lemon (aka badly broken) refurbished MacBook Air M1 I'd ordered from Apple, going way beyond what was asked of me to diagnose what was wrong with the junk, I was *lied to* by their technician Greg that I could get a swap replacement today at the local (badly run) Apple Store. [Thanks Brandon and Adam for creating an irate. It was classic.] I took my money back and am no longer supporting Apple.

This is an extremely tough decision for me. But Apple has fallen so badly in every way I've interacted with them over the last five years that I am, for the sake of my own well being, cutting myself off from the company. (I've done beta testing for them for over a decade). 

I cried over it. That's how difficult this is for me.


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