Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Lousy Adobe Flash Updated To v18.0.0.203
Lousy Adobe AIR Updated To v18.0.0.180
CRITICAL Security Patches

The updates, patching ACTIVE in-the-wild EXPLOIT CVE-2015-5119, are out and available.

Adobe just bothered to catch up and release the accompanying security bulletin:

If you're still using Adobe Flash and Air, you can go for the updates:

Because Adobe is so incredibly obtuse these days, when you visit the get Air page, all you're going to see listed is "Version 18". IOW, tough luck if you want to know the actual version number. We little peon customers are too stupid to care about such vital things, right? But I've verified that what they're currently offering really is Air v18.0.0.180, which is what we want. Proof:

Meanwhile, Adobe already has the beta of Flash version in preparation for their 'in-band' release of Flash on the second-Tuesday-of-the-month, July 14th. Keep an eye out for that one, if you care. (-_-) zzz


Hold on to your proverbial hats. This is an incredible list of security flaws patched in Flash and AIR:
Vulnerability Details

These updates improve memory address randomization of the Flash heap for the Window 7 64-bit platform (CVE-2015-3097).

These updates resolve heap buffer overflow vulnerabilities that could lead to code execution (CVE-2015-3135, CVE-2015-4432, CVE-2015-5118).

These updates resolve memory corruption vulnerabilities that could lead to code execution (CVE-2015-3117, CVE-2015-3123, CVE-2015-3130, CVE-2015-3133, CVE-2015-3134, CVE-2015-4431).

These updates resolve null pointer dereference issues (CVE-2015-3126, CVE-2015-4429). 
These updates resolve a security bypass vulnerability that could lead to information disclosure (CVE-2015-3114).

These updates resolve type confusion vulnerabilities that could lead to code execution (CVE-2015-3119, CVE-2015-3120, CVE-2015-3121, CVE-2015-3122, CVE-2015-4433).

These updates resolve use-after-free vulnerabilities that could lead to code execution (CVE-2015-3118, CVE-2015-3124, CVE-2015-5117, CVE-2015-3127, CVE-2015-3128, CVE-2015-3129, CVE-2015-3131, CVE-2015-3132, CVE-2015-3136, CVE-2015-3137, CVE-2015-4428, CVE-2015-4430, CVE-2015-5119).

These updates resolve vulnerabilities that could be exploited to bypass the same-origin-policy and lead to information disclosure (CVE-2014-0578, CVE-2015-3115, CVE-2015-3116, CVE-2015-3125, CVE-2015-5116).
I marked our pal, in-the-wild exploit CVE-2015-5119 in red. That's 36 security flaws patched in Flash and AIR. Yes, Flash (and therefore AIR) really is crap code. And no doubt, it has many more security flaws waiting to be exploited. I read an article last week claiming that Adobe Flash is now the #1 most dangerous software you can run on the Internet, surpassing awful Oracle Java plug-in. Astounding. It takes some seriously bad coding to surpass Java's horrendous security problems.

If you don't need Flash/AIR or Java running over the Internet, then get rid of their Internet Plug-ins. Please.



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