Thursday, April 23, 2015

Upcoming Changes To The Mac-Security Blog


In order for me to continue this blog amidst the other work I do, I'm going to make two basic changes.

The first is that this blog is going to generally change from longer posts with my commentary to shorter informative posts that act as alerts to those interested in what's going on in Macintosh and iOS security. This allows me to be more spontaneous and not have to spend a great deal of time writing.

The second is that the geek-level of this blog is going to increase considerably. Translation: I'm going to raise the level of what I post to that of my own level of understanding and interest in Mac and iOS security. This allows me to be more spontaneous and closely fit my blog posts with what I am discussing on the net with others about Mac security.

As such, I expect this blog will at times challenge the understanding and comprehension of some readers. I also expect criticism that the blog draws attention to esoteric and unimportant aspects of Mac security. The usual phrase used in such criticism is FUD: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. This means that taking my posts too seriously may mean that they sound needlessly alarmist. We will hopefully sort out how to address this situation as my new approach progresses.

The overall reason for these changes is that my time is limited, but I still want to share the latest news regarding all aspects of Mac and iOS security. I regularly chatter about computer security with several people on the Internet. I'd like save myself time and effort by synchronizing my blog posts with my background security chatter.

We'll see how well this works over time. For the moment, it's a strategy that allows me to be more active on the blog and may well help many readers keep up with what's going on both on important and esoteric levels.

Please feedback at me to help me know the impact of this new approach.




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