Friday, August 22, 2014

What Life's Like On The Other Side:
Fragmandroid Illustrated


I've never been one to start computer warz, only to satirize them and righteously defend Apple when they deserve it. But I saw this graphic today and have to share it. Warning: It's nauseating.

This isn't the latest in boring modern art demonstration of how to paint a rectangle. This is a graphic showing the fragmentation of Google's Android operating system, per device. Click to to view the graphic in its full incredible gory. 

Google let this happen. Damn them.

And there's lots MORE. You'll find further interactive graphics and explanation over at OpenSignal's brilliant article:

As I posted over at MacDailyNews' summary article on the subject, pointedly in Google's direction:

OMF: How did you allow this to happen Google? HOW?

Smugness your way out of this catastrophe of technology. Nausea provoking. A rat’s nest of insecurity.

Thank you OpenSignal for so elegantly and blatantly pointing out what life's like on the other side. There's not much green over that hill! Good gawd.

Meanwhile, here's iOS situation in comparison to versions of Android in the wild:

What is there to say?
Except, hurray for iOS.

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