Monday, June 24, 2013

On Vacation but:
Java updates from Oracle and Apple
(Be sure to have the UNmessed-up
Apple Java update!!!)
and Adobe Flash Update


I'm on a break while I work on other things. But here is some quickie news. I expect, if you're a regular reader, you know how to dig up the URLs and CVE reports by now.

I) MASSIVE CRITICAL Java update from both Oracle and Apple, including 40 (FORTY) security patches. Apple's update is for Java version 1.6 only, the part of Java included in OS X. The update is for OS X 10.6 - 10.8.

II) Apple MESSED-UP their original Java update release, which was labeled "JavaForOSX2013-003". This mess KILLED Java and must be updated with what replaced it: "JavaForOSX2013-004". From my experience, Software Update did NOT provide me with the updated version. I had to grab oo4 myself and apply it myself. You may have to do so as well.

Here is an article to help you sort out whether you got STUNG by Apple's mess or not, and how to clean it up. Thank you to

Bug in Apple Java update – now fixed, but check you have the correct version

III) Adobe tossed out a scheduled Flash update that patched one critical security hole. If you use Flash any more, be sure you have applied this latest update.


I'm running into hilarious FUD about the MacKeeper crapware from none other than one of their competitors. They claim you can REMOVE crappy MacKeeper by installing THEIR crappy software instead. Needless to say, avoid replacing crap with crap. If you foolishly installed MacKeeper, go to their website to learn how to UNinstall it.

Also amusing: Apparently crappy MacKeeper has been sold to some other company, who apparently have changed none of crappy ZeoBITs' evil marketing moron tactics. But at least it is good to know that everyone's efforts to kick ZeoBIT in the dangly bits has been successful. ZeoBIT is now out of the picture, hurray. Let's hope their crapware is soon to follow.

Also note: There has been a rash of Microsoft Office specific malware. I personally don't care or follow such malware. You're on your own if you still put up with Microsoft. But it's worth noting that Office malware continues. Check out my net buddy Thomas Reed's 'The Safe Mac' security blog for details. I believe Intego and Sophos have been following this scourge as well. Links to their sites are on the right of this page.

Enjoy the summer!
Stay cool.
Stay kewl.


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