Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Java Suckage Alert:
Update now or get PWNed,
New exploit in-the-wild

Dan Goodin at Ars Technica pointed out a new Java exploit in-the-wild. It only hits those users who are not up-to-date with the latest versions of Java from Apple and Oracle. So if you use Java on the Internet and you have installed the latest update, you're fine. (^_^)

If you use Java on the Internet and you have NOT installed the latest versions of Java: UPDATE NOW BUDDY! Or get PWNed. (0_o)

Java users beware: Exploit circulating for just-patched critical flaw
If you haven't installed last week's Java update, now would be a good time.
In the past few days, attack code targeting one of the many remote-code-execution vulnerabilities fixed in Java 7 Update 21 was folded into either the folded into the RedKit or CrimeBoss exploit kit. By Sunday, that attack code was being actively unleashed on unsuspecting end users, according to a short blog post published by a researcher from antivirus provider F-Secure.
Apple's current Java 6 updates are here:

Oracle's current Java 7 update is here:

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