Monday, January 14, 2013

Operation Red October:
Look what the Red Hacker Alliance
has been up to for the last few years!

The Red Hacker Alliance (aka the Chinese government) wrote exploits for the newly discovered 'Operation Red October' global malware racket that's been running since 2007. Surprise. (O_0)

Massive espionage malware targeting governments undetected for 5 years

 "Red October" command-and-control setup more sophisticated than that of Flame.
While the malware developers spoke Russian, many of the exploits used to hijack victim computers were initially developed by Chinese hackers.
And we still give China 'Most Favored Nation' Status. Why? Does China own the USA or something?
Red October is also notable for the broad array of devices it targets. Beside PCs and computer workstations, it's capable of stealing data from iPhones and Nokia and Windows Mobile smartphones, along with Cisco enterprise network equipment. It can also retrieve data from removable disk drives, including files that have already been deleted, thanks to a custom file recovery procedure.
IOW Folks: 'Red October' has been active on:

I) Macs

II) iOS Devices.
The discovery of Red October opens yet another chapter in the just-begun era of highly advanced espionage malware that already included Duqu, Flame, and Gauss. With its high degree of customization and its ability to evade detection for five years, the operation has rivaled previous espionage campaigns including the Aurora attacks that hit Google and dozens of other large companies three years ago. 
"All of these are very well-coordinated, very professionally run projects," Baumgartner said. "There's not enough evidence to link it to a nation-state, but certainly this level of interest and multi-year, ongoing campaign puts it up there with something like Flame and Duqu in the amount of effort it takes to seek out those targets and infiltrate the networks."

More exciting revelations to come, no doubt.

Why do we humans hate each other so vehemently?
What is our problem?
Why are we DRIVEN to self-hatred and self-destruction?
And no, it's not some ethereal demons out-to-get-us.
This is OUR problem and OURS to solve.
WE CHOOSE this insanity.
There's no one else to blame or to end it.
I get philosophical like that.

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