Friday, July 13, 2012 Goes FUBAR Follow-Up

I've heard back from SpamCop regarding its problems.

The SpamCop website is significantly automated. This automation has become, for unspecified reasons, out of control. This ended up being illustrated by the fact that my own SpamCop account was terminated because the automated system decided I had been submitting too many spam reports within too short a period of time. This was in fact an insane conclusion. What I had actually done was attempt to submit the same single spam repeatedly with total failure being the result. These spam report attempts built up in an 'Report' attempt list, which I emptied once I was actually able to access the full SpamCop interface.

The folks at SpamCop were extremely apologetic and cleaned out the automation error within 24 hours after I reported it. Thank you!

Since that time I have found the automation blundering to be somewhat dissipated. But the automation continues to be slow. On two recent occasions I ran into dead end results when attempting to report spam.

This is bad. This is a disincentive to bother reporting spam. I know the SpamCop folks are attempting to gain control. I know their attempts have been ongoing for a full month now.

Happily, I can report that the email submission method of reporting spam is working perfectly. (So bite me, SpamRats!) This is now the method I am using while I snooze waiting for SpamCop's automation system to be cleaned up and reestablished.

If I discover SpamCop's automation to again be working perfectly or I hear further details from the folks at SpamCop, I will report here. Despite this setback, I continue to encourage everyone to use the SpamCop service for wiping SpamRats off the face of the planet.

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  1. ...Derek, please try again, I believe you'll find that the SpamCop web interface works at least as well now as it did before the most recent problem arose.