Friday, July 1, 2011

World Laughs At China's Blundered Trickery

There are few things as carthartic as a good laugh in the face of deceitful intent.

Just in time to counter 'China Chip-gate', officials of the totalitarian 'communist' nation are caught using blundered Photoshop trickery for a publicity photo. The press is all abuzz about the magical picture where three Huili country officials are miraculously floating inches above the road they are inspecting.

Such is the level of attention to facts and honesty in the current Chinese culture. (0_o)

Joyfully, the ongoing response around the world has been to copy and paste the Huili officials into various other scenarios. Do a search on the terms 'Huili officials' and you'll get a boatload.  Check back often for new configurations. ;-)

Google: Huili officials

Here is an article about the hilarity that includes an incredible number of creative examples:

Floating Chinese Government Officials Inspect New Road

For your own photo trickery pleasure, I have provided rough .PNG images of the three Huili officials, with invisible backgrounds. Just drag them out of the article into your favorite scenario! It's fun. Post your images to the internet and be sure to put 'Huili officials' in the title.

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