Friday, November 5, 2010

Koobface boonana worm Trojan,
Firesheep and MORE!
Oh My

There are four ongoing scary security monsters threatening ALL the popular computer platforms this month. But that I mean they affect Mac, Linux and Windows. At the moment, there is nothing dire or critical about them. But each of them is nasty in their own way.

I've been holding off tackling each of them in order to gather day-by-day new information and to wait for 'the other shoe' to drop from each of them. I expect they're all going to be annoying aspects of our computer lives for quite some time to come. I'll be devoting an article to each of them individually. But first I want to introduce you to our gang of circus animals:

I) A round of applause for the Black Hat creation known as the EVERCOOKIE. Essentially, it is a collective set of methods for spying on your web browser behavior, able to renew itself despite actions you take to prevent it. Stopping this monster can be annoying and complicated. I'll discuss the currently known tricks.

II) Next up in circus ring number 2 is the latest in Java insecurity. As per usual, the utterly chaotic computer security community can't agree upon a name for the thing. Having reviewed the data, I am going with the name Intego are using: Koobface. Because of its various activities, it can be called a worm, a Trojan horse, a root kit, a back door AND a bot. Because its primary interface to the user (or 'LUSER' in this case) is as a Trojan horse, I am unofficially going to refer to it as Trojan.OSX.Koobface.A. Apparently a second version has just been discovered, which I will call Trojan.OSX.Koobface.B. Meanwhile, you are bound to see the exact same thing also called the 'Boonana' Trojan. (o_0)

III) In the third ring of our circus of naughtiness is Firesheep, the Black Hat extension for Firefox that simplifies the long standing ability to spy on and doppelganger anyone connected within the same unencrypted WiFi connection. It's not just for hackers any more! This one piece of software has sparked an Internet encryption revolution, or so I'd like to believe.

IV) But wait! That's not all! Get a load of the latest idiotic idea from The Corporate Oligarchy! They want government access to ALL things encrypted. Say goodbye to Internet privacy! George Orwell's '1984' Big Brother has arrived and you're going to want to kick him in the balls! Anti-privacy efforts have become that invasive and deviant. The control freaks are out to run our lives.
(>_<) ACK!

So hang onto your propeller beanies while, during the next few days, I cover each of these gnarly subjects relevant to the future of Macintosh computer security.

Oh fracking my!

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  1. Quite informative... what all i can say after reading this is 'No one is secure on the Internet'