Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Adobe Flash Player Updated is to v10.1.85.3

Adobe has successfully hidden from the public, apart from at their two security pages, the fact that a 'Critical' security update was posted to to their website on Monday. The Adobe website simply says you're downloading version 10.1, same as last weeek, which is a worthless statement!

So, grumble, let me do their job for them and let you know that:

A) The current version of Adobe Flash Player for Mac that is up on the Adobe website IS indeed the promised updated version.

B) The previous version of 'Flash Player.plugin' was

C) The new updated version you're installing is

The inevitable rant:

Why this has to be a secret is beyond comprehension. I sniff the scent of some Marketing Moron at Adobe in the air who is attempting spin control by hiding the fact that Adobe has had to provide 'out of band' security updates to Adobe Flash Player EVERY MONTH THIS SUMMER. Sorry marketing kiddies, but facts are facts. You are directly damaging customers by hiding updates from them. This is why I call you Marketing Morons! Get it? Drop an anvil on your head, or whatever it takes, and turn yourselves into beneficial Marketing Mavens and HELP YOUR CUSTOMERS! Otherwise get out of the business and benefit the world by your absence.

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