Saturday, July 24, 2010

Desperate Propaganda,
aka FUD,
in the Anti-Malware Community

We are living not only the 'The Age of Triva' as I call it, but 'The Age of the Marketing Moron'. Marketing Morons treat the customers and clients as worthless scum only valuable for their money.

Lately I have been wondering if biznizz skoolz deliberately teach their MBA candidates how to be effective psychopaths. Who is better at abusing other humans than a psychopath? I read this past week that an estimated 10% of biznizz executivez are psychopaths because it is such an in-demand mental illness for the creation and execution of biznizz ambitions. Imagine that. Variations of Bernie Madoff may be running your company. No wonder we're in a lingering economic depression.

[Note: I use the terms 'biznizz', 'executivez', 'skoolz' etc. whenever discussing deceitful aberrations from respectable forms of the subject. Deliberately distorted spelling is an enjoyable method of both sarcasm and laughter.]

Last week Intego pulled a FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) move with their monstrosity 'Learn About Mac Malware'. This week it is being reported, by PC World, that Secunia have joined the anti-Apple security FUD circus. I'll decide that for myself in a future article. For now, it's of interest to take a look at the utter bullshite perpetrated by PC World. It doesn't get much more stooopid:

Security Firm: Apple Has More Security Holes Than Microsoft

The first sentence in this article gives away the show. This is FUD:
Here's another blow to those insist that Apple products are rock solid and unhackable
As I wrote to PC World:
No one says "Apple products are rock solid and unhackable" except YOU PC World. It is an invented club with which to slam and abuse Mac users. It's called desperate propaganda, aka FUD
I also wrote to PC World, and posted at FaceBook:
Facts (vs FUD) regarding Macintosh security:

Number of Mac OS X viruses: 0
Number of Mac OS X worms: 0
Number of illegal Mac OS X spyware: 1
Number of Mac OS X Trojan horses: 23

Compare that to the number for Windows and decide for yourself.

No one ever said Mac OS X was perfect (except trolls). But it remains the single most secure GUI operating system available. The only operating systems that are more secure:
- OpenBSD
- FreeBSD

And Mac OS X contains elements of both these operating systems. No coincidence.

Suggestion: Do your homework before posting about Mac OS X.

Here is a ticked-off post I made over at MacDailyNews regarding this FUD:

I receive EVERY Secunia report they publish via eMail.

Want to know what they publish every week? A GIGANTIC PILE of Windows vulnerabilities and extremely few Mac OS X vulnerabilities, as in about 1 (ONE) per month, at a guess.

This FUD attack 'by Secunia' [by PC World!] is made utterly hilarious by their own publications. Don't believe me. Go look for yourself:

Examine the home page. What do you see Highlighted there? Today:
- Microsoft Windows Shell Shortcut Parsing Vulnerability
- Apple iTunes "itpc:" Handling Buffer Overflow [That is SPECIFIC to WINDOWS ONLY]
- Microsoft Windows MFC Document Title Updating Buffer Overflow

Is there ANYTHING there related to Mac OS X? NO!

So what's with the FUD?

--> The fact that nearly the entire Anti-Malware Community lives off the security FAILures of Windows. Therefore, obviously, everyone MUST USE WINDOWS in order to keep them all employed!

∑ = Pure Adulterated PROPAGANDA

And no folks. There is nothing perfect about Mac OS X security. It just happens to be the most reliable of any GUI OS on the market. The only OSes with better security reputations are:
- OpenBSD
- FreeBSD

And oh look. Mac OS X contains elements of BOTH these OSes.

Hey FUD mongers: GET BENT.
Meanwhile, you can take a look at the Secunia report that inspired the FUD. It is a PDF file:

Secunia Half Year Report 2010

Seeing as PC World has no interest in factual Macintosh security information, and may well be spinning FUD regarding Secunia, I'm going to give the report a read myself. If I find anything of interest to Mac users, I'll post.

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  1. Unfortunately, providing facts can backfire.

  2. Mac OS 9 is about as good as OS X, but I see it is more secure as it is an unsupported OS, so viruses are alot less common for it. Mac OS X has served me well since it's OS X "Cheetah" release, but i did not get really into it until Tiger came around. I dumped Pcs in 2008, and kicked all of them out of my house in 2010.

  3. I checked the most recent Secunia advisories and as you said, they're all for *Windows*, most of them involving some Adobe software. Even the one Apple product (QuickTime) has a WINDOWS security hole. The Adobe one referred to a DLL—DLLs are a Windows thing. And the other one was a problem with Windows itself. :/