Tuesday, June 29, 2010

They're Here!
Adobe CRITICAL Updates:
Acrobat & Reader & Flash Player

As promised, Adobe skipped their dopey 'quarterly' security update schedule and pushed out updates to Adobe Acrobat, Reader and Flash Player before the end of June. Gee thanks. Let's hope this incident puts the 'quarterly' security update stooopidity in the grave where it belongs.

Before I send you to the sources, I get to be a grumbling curmudgeon. Be warned that Adobe made the process of updating Adobe Acrobat, Reader and Flash Player yet-another PITA with a number of pages to click through to just download the things. So apparently, whoever made Adobe updating the most heinous process in the entire computer community, has not yet been fired from the company.
What A Shame.

For your pleasure, I have dug through the pages of Adobe bureaucratic garbage for you in order to provide direct download URLs:

Acrobat 9.3.3 Pro update

Adobe Reader 9.3.3 update for Intel Macs

Adobe Reader 9.3.3 update for PPC Macs

Adobe Flash Player

The simple URL for Flash Player is courtesy of my pals at VersionTracker.com

REMINDER: If you have installed the Mac OS X 10.6.4 update and/or Apple Security Update 2010-004, you have NOT NOT NOT updated to this CRITICAL latest version of Flash Player. Apple only included the old dangerous version. Thankfully, Apple's updater does not remove the newer version if you already installed it.

THEREFORE: If you haven't already, you must DIY install the Adobe Flash Player version Apple won't do it for you. I don't know why! They just won't.

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