Monday, May 3, 2010

Oh good!
China is cracking down on...
blogs like mine

It astounds me how conveniently and deliberately citizens in my country, the USA, ignore the fact that 'China' is actually Red China, the biggest and most oppressive communist state in the world. I've had friends attempt to 'inform' me that China is functioning as a 'capitalist' state; That they depend on 'capitalism' for their income of foreign currency. What a nice fantasy. The fact remains that Red China will never be actually, factually capitalist while ruled by a totalitarian / communist regime. So next time you go buying your Walmart junk from China, think about the wonderful oppression of fellow human beings you're supporting.

Because I say stuff like the above, I am now one of many targets by the Red Chinese government for CENSORSHIP. Blogs like mine, or any other 'subversive' sources of information and opinion on the Internet, are going to be BLOCKED by the Red Chinese government.

When I read this news today, I first thought to myself "Oh good! Maybe I will no longer be spammed by kiddies in Red China every single time I post an article here at Mac-Security!" But I am willing to bet that somewhere in Red China some member of the Red Hacker Alliance will keep an eye on subversives such as myself and make sure we are tortured for our heresy from afar. Like I'll relent, confess my sins against Mao and kiss The Little Red Book, if only their terrifying spam will stop! (o_0)

You can read about this latest round of Red Chinese bullshite in an article from the Associated Press:

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