Friday, March 19, 2010

Intego VirusBarrier Review Part II

My friend and former employer Michael Flaminio posted a very nice video review of Intego VirusBarrier version 10.6 over at Insanely-Great Mac. You can also access it at YouTube. I could not provide any improvement over Michael's review, so please give it a viewing! VirusBarrier is the only Mac OS X anti-malware program I can recommend for individual users. See my Part I review for further details and opinions regarding the program.

This past week someone told me that FUD mongers Symantec have finally gotten their act together, allowing their Norton Anti-Virus program to work properly without damaging your hard drive. Imagine that! I am seeking verification that this is indeed the case, if anyone would please let me know. Much obliged. If I get enough happy shiny smiley stories I may dare to perform some testing on the latest version myself.

Happy spring to the northern hemisphere! Happy fall to the southern hemisphere. (-_^)

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