Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Anti-Mac Security FUD-Fest Is Fun For All! Rah! Rah! Rah!

Man, I am getting a lot of traction out of that moronic article at CNET, not worth reading HERE. For me, it really is fascinating to sit down and contemplate what is actually going on in computer security right now. Here are some of the elements:

I) 7ista, aka Vista Service Pack 7, is now insighting cacophonous riots of anger because its security is still terrible. A net acquaintance posted these URLs over at MacDailyNews:

Cybercrime Rises and Vista 7 is Already Open to Hijackers

Vista 7: Broken Apart Before Arrival

Department of Homeland Security ‘Poisoned’ by Microsoft; Vista 7 is Open to Hijackers Again

Researchers show how to take control of Windows 7

That last article is about how to 'PWN' 7ista. Not good. Google provides a few hundred thousand similar complaints.

II) Meanwhile, the Anti-Mac Security FUD-Fest continues apace, thanks to our usual line-up of hacker pals. Mac OS X is already the best GUI OS for computer security, in part thanks to integrating the two best CLI OSes, OpenBSD and FreeBSD. The result: Mac OS X progresses forward to become BETTER than the BEST! That's good. Thank you Dr. Charlie Miller and friends.

III) So of course we get dumbass articles about how nasty bad and laughable Mac OS X security is, right? (o_0)

It's a strategy with many purposes, perpetrated by many sources. Figuring out the motivations behind the deceit is quite intriguing. Laughing at it all is fun! It lowers your blood pressure. Live longer and laugh at the clowns.

Here is yet-another post I made, this time at, regarding the FUD-Fest and Microsoft. It sort of encapsulates it all:
Microsoft have put in place some modern methods of deterring hackers and crackers. They had to. They had the motivation. Their operating system is a bloated catastrophe of spaghetti code that is well beyond their comprehension. They can't fix it. They've made many attempts over the last 15 years and consistently failed. They gave up. Vista is the proof. 7ista is icing on the proof.

Should Apple add in these modern security measures? Damned right!

But is it a BFD? Will Mac OS X roll over and DIE? Will THE BIG ONE virus hit Mac OS X and make us all go running home sobbing to mummy? Of course not!

Apple's attention to security has been increasing exponentially over the last two years. This month's security updates were the most in Apple's history. But as is typical with humans, the house has to be on fire before you pour water on it and fix the cause. Mac OS X does not have a faulty electrical system that will burn the house down. Apple know that. We know that. So what's the motivation? Planning ahead takes extra prodding. Prod Apple and they respond eventually.

This is one reason I actually praise the Anti-Mac FUD-fest we've enjoyed since Symantec insighted it exactly four years ago. It has hurt no one. It has inspired Apple. We benefitted.

We the customers know we already had an incredibly secure operating system. It's based on the two most secure operating systems in existence bar none: OpenBSD and FreeBSD. So why not make it EVEN BETTER?!

Let's go MaNIaCaL!
Go Apple Go!
Add steal bar reinforcement to the castle walls!
Add boiling oil caldrons!
Put alligators in the mote!
Install the rotating knives!
Hire some Cenobites!

Conclusion: We win any which way you look at it. If users of the less secure operating systems can't deal with it, oh so sad for them.

As long as we keep our eye on the ball, which is keeping our computers as safe as possible, our progress toward better than best will continue. :-)
Rah! Rah! Rah!
Go! Apple! Go!
Yayyyyyyy APPLE!

Amusing, eh? Behind all the 'FEEL BAD DAMMIT!' garbage is not just a silver lining. The clouds are bogus, a theatre prop. Knock them over and there is the golden sun shining on all us Mac users.

OK, sober up! Enough euphoria! We have 21 Trojans to avoid. There continue to be security flaws in Apple stuff that deserve our attention. ClamAV still needs to further catch up with Mac malware. Mac OS X is not perfect, never will be. Be attentive.

For my next article I intend (for whatever that's worth) to provide another monthly summary of Mac OS X security patches. Bring your caffeine.



If you haven't read the news, check this out:

Snow Leopard has built-in Trojan horse MALWARE DETECTION! Its database is auto-updating! Right now it only has two Trojan signatures, yawn. But expect improvement. And no, Apple didn't stick in someone else's anti-malware engine, least of all Symantec's (gag! gag! puke!! puke!!).

Snow Leopard installs just fine over TIGER! I thought this had to be bogus, but I've read it from several sources now and they weren't just quoting each other. It's a fact that even Apple verified. So if you don't have Leopard already, get the $29 (or $24 at some stores!) Snow Leopard disk and go to it! Well, when you're ready. There are some application incompatibilities.

Snow Leopard is FAST! That's faster than Leopard! Bless you Apple.

Snow Leopard is SMALLER! Saving at least 5 Gigabytes of space on your Mac appears to be normal. Ever heard of that? Try that move Microsoft.

-> But of course note that Snow Leopard is for INTEL MACS ONLY.

More on Snow Leopard in a couple weeks once I've ripped it apart, with my CLAWS.

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