Thursday, July 30, 2009

Critical Adobe Security Patches Arrive, Again

I just gotta rant for a couple paragraphs:

The most disappointing thing I learned this week is that Adobe knew about this current crop of security holes last December, 2008. So why are we only learning about it now and only getting patches now. Didn't I say Adobe sucks?

And isn't it amusing that Adobe patched up one slew of security holes last month, and waited on this slew of further security holes. What do they do over at their offices? Argue about whether to patch? How to patch? When to patch? How long can they delay it without people saying 'Adobe sucks"? I know they have a messed up work culture over there. Get with it dummies!

The Patches:

1) Adobe Flash Player v10.0.32.18. There is a special patch for version 9 users to v9.0.246.0.

2) Adobe Air v1.5.2

3) Adobe Reader v9.1.3 - Theoretically available Friday, July 31

4) Acrobat v9.1.3 - Theoretically available Friday, July 31

NOTE: Verify which version you have downloaded. Adobe often don't mark what specific version you are downloading. Instead they may tell you that you are downloading "the latest version" when in fact you are NOT. You need to DIY update whatever you downloaded to the actual 'latest version'. Adobe provide no warning whatsoever. Adobe know about this problem and maybe will stop this practice in the future.

As I say ad nauseam: We're still in the Stone Age of Computing, and in the future they will pity us for the clunky junky stuff we had to put up with. (o_0)

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