Saturday, February 20, 2016

US DOJ Files Showdown Against Apple,
A War of US Constitution
Vs Rhetoric
Vs Technology

I'm going to use this blog article space as sparse documentation of the battlefront:

The US Constitution Vs The US Government. 

Apple is currently caught in the middle and is standing with the US Constitution. That, of course, is not the only way to view this situation. But from my POV it is the simple distillation after the rhetoric and technology are cleared away. The US government has already proven that it has totally FAILed to adhere to the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution. The director of the NSA (National Security Agency) directly lied in public to the US Congress regarding these illegal, constitutional violations. A US whistleblower, who bravely brought attention to the NSA's and other governmental organization's ignoring of the US Constitution, is forced to live in exile because justice, fair treatment and respect for government level whistleblowers currently does not exist in the USA. IOW: We are experiencing what I can only call a wave of totalitarianism in the USA. One of the amusing aspects of this wave is that both of the worthless political parties are party to this treasonous behavior, this violation of the rights of We The People. I therefore have no respect for either political party. But let's move along.

News in the US government 
Vs Apple 
Vs Violation of The Fourth Amendment To The US Constitution 
Vs Rhetoric 
Vs Technology, 


US DoJ files motion to compel Apple to obey FBI iPhone crack order
Uncle Sam says Cupertino is only thinking about its marketing and PR strategy
The US Department of Justice has today filed a motion compelling Apple to comply with a court order to help the FBI break into a killer's iPhone.
Government's Motion To Compel Apple Inc. To Comply With This Court's February 16, 2016 Order Compelling Assistance In Search (pdf)
Rather than assist the effort to fully investigate a deadly terrorist attack by obeying this Court's Order of February 16, 2016, Apple has responded by publicly repudiating that Order. 
1. Apple has attempted to design and market its products to allow technology, rather than law, to control access to data which has been found by this Court to be warranted for an important investigation. Despite its efforts, Apple nonetheless retains the technical ability to comply with the Order, and so should be required to obey it. . . .
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Today I ran into an interesting article about this situation over at Bloomberg Business. It features a profound quote, well worth consideration, posted below.

Secret Memo Details U.S.’s Broader Strategy to Crack Phones
The government’s going to have to get over it,” said Ken Silva, former technical director of the National Security Agency and currently a vice president at Ionic Security Inc., an Atlanta-based data security company. “We had this fight 20 years ago. While I respect the job they have to do and I know how hard the job is, the privacy of that information is very important to people.
(Bolding: Mine).
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More to come as the drama further unfolds.


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