Friday, February 26, 2016

Additions To Your Reading List
Re: Apple Vs FBI Vs US Constitution


I'm heading out to coffee and lunch with a reading list about the Apple debacle with the FBI et al. So I thought I'd share. You're welcome, don't hit me! Ow! You can really thank Brian Krebs for inciting my list of Jonathan Zdziarski articles. Both of these fellows are remarkably insightful.

The Lowdown on the Apple-FBI Showdown
by Brain Krebs

Zdziarski's Blog of Things
by Jonathan Zdziarski
tl;dr Apple’s technical capabilities under FBI AWA order
Code is Law
Apple, FBI, and the Burden of Forensic Methodology
10 Reasons Farook’s Work Phone Likely Won’t Have Any Evidence 
On FBI’s Interference with iCloud Backups
The Dumpster of Forensic Science
On Ribbons and Ribbon Cutters 
Open List of Requested iOS Security Improvements  
Forensic “Weapons” and Ex Post Facto Burden

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BTW: Last night I dreamed of trying to fit an unruly open roll of film into a camera. I believe this was a prescient abstract reference to the list of Zdziarski articles I discovered this morning. (Jonathan is an avid photographer). My brain does that on occasion. Some of these abstract dreams have been years ahead of reality. Why they're so frickin' abstract I don't understand. Perhaps it's for the purpose of plausible deniability, should my subconscious ever be confronted regarding the laws of time. No peeking, etc. ;-)


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