Saturday, August 22, 2015

So You Want To Be
An Advanced Mac Security User...


As I often point out, we're still in The Dark Age of Computing.

Today's recommended reading

Want security? Next-gen startups show how old practices don't cut it
Stop hackers from walking on the eggshells protecting your datacenter
22 Aug 2015 at 13:30, Trevor Pott @The Register ®
In case you hadn't noticed, IT security sucks. There is a chronic lack of people trained in IT security, people who will listen to IT security, and even a lack of agreement on how best to go about IT security. Fortunately, a new generation of startups are helping to tackle the issues....
[Note: This is a two page article]

As the imperative to create REAL security, with actual surprises versus entirely expected security flaws and hacks (which is actually what we have right now!). It's going to be an actual coding REVOLUTION! But there's an incredible amount of work required.

My attitude is: If you've got the interest, don't pay attention to how foreboding the subject may appear to be. Dive in and learn to swim through it, exercise your brain and climb the learning curve. You have the basic skills for learning and analyzing the information. Get to it! Make yourself an expert. Then share your expertise and help others with their swimming lessons.

No one ever told me I had innate tech skills. I entirely figured it out on my own by deciding I liked it and wanted to learn it. *Ding* I realized I'm great at it! (Except that CLI stuff, which I grudgingly tolerate).

There is nothing male, female or color selective about working with tech, including tech security. It's a human talent and developed skill. If you've got a hint that the talent is yours, jump into it and add your flavor to the mix. For me, its play time! If you're not enjoying it, you're not doing it right. That's why I write and work with tech, offering up what I know for free.



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