Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Apple Fumbles Again:
Software Update Broken Because
Apple Neglected To Update SSL Certificate


This crisis has ended, but…

Oh, if only I was the security boss over at Apple these days, my guillotine would be rusty with blood. Fumbling Bumbling Buffoonery. Better not hire me Apple.

But I digress. Check out these articles over at MacRumors and MacWorld (which itself has had recent severe incidents of fumbling and bumbling) about Apple breaking their Software Update system by way of forgetting to update its SSL security certificate. This is pure idiocy by Apple. Idiocy.

Apple Forgets to Renew SSL Certificate, Breaking OS X Software Update

Apple neglects to renew SSL certificate, breaks Software Update in the process

Apple, do you have a higher priority than user security?

No you do not.

Get your act together please. This is a trend. It deserves loud computer community criticism.


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