Tuesday, August 14, 2012

SpamCop.net In Top Form!


A couple months back I wrote:
If I discover SpamCop's automation to again be working perfectly or I hear further details from the folks at SpamCop, I will report here.
Here I am reporting that over the past month I have had nothing but SUCCESS with the GUI at SpamCop.net. I am so happy the troubled times have ended and that SpamCop.net returns as strong and able as ever in the brave effort to wipe out SpamRats.

And as ever, I want to shout out a THANK YOU! to the Marketing Mavens of our business world who know that customers are an essential part of the system, not its victims. In an actual/factual economic system that calls itself 'capitalist', everyone is required to be respected and to offer respect. It is the Marketing Mavens who drive that spirit of respect.

And to the self-destructive, parasitic Marketing Morons with no conscience or respect for anyone: It's an illness folks! GET SOME HELP! And get out of business! Your self-destructive behavior is never welcome in a healthy capitalist system. Those of us who demand healthy capitalism really ARE out to get you. Your paranoia is entirely justified. We want to remove you from our lives. SpamCop.net is one of our methods for ridding us of your antisocial personality disorder. Look it up please.

Enough drama for this post! Onward to a happy post about a successful Adobe Update Day.


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