Saturday, April 16, 2011

No Finished 64-Bit QuickTime X For You!
Mac OS X Lion Still Requires QuickTime 7

In the true spirit of Apple users, I get seriously pissed off when Apple screw up badly. And OMG has Apple screwed up this time:

In a rather wacked-out article by FairerPlatform, we learned that Apple is only barely upgrading QuickTime 10 in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. This forces We-The-Technos to continue to (I can't believe this) STILL INSTALL QUICKTIME 7.x.

I can't vent my frustration and rage any better than what I posted over at MacDailyNews:

A very well deserved RANT at Apple:

OMFG APPLE! WTF is wrong with you guys that you STILL CAN’T FINISH QUICKTIME 10!?!?!?!?!

This is when Apple users justifiably get PISSED-THE-HELL-OFF at Apple.

Let’s get real here:

1) There never has been any ‘QuickTime 10.0.x’. There has only been QuickTime Apple dumped QT 10.0 on us in 2009 and left the buggy thing laying there with no improvements to follow! THAT SUCKS!

2) Now we apparently are going to get a mere token of an upgrade with 10.1.0 that still cannot come close to the functionality of QuickTime 7.x Pro, therefore, we STILL HAVE TO INSTALL QUICKTIME 7.x!!!!!! THAT SUCKS TOO!

Besides the CRAP functionality of QuickTime 10, and the fact that QuickTime 7.x is only 32-bit, there is one other CRITICAL reason to RANT for Apple to actually FINISH QuickTime 10:


Q: What Apple software has the single WORST SECURITY? It’s not Mac OS X folks.

A: It’s QUICKTIME as in QuickTime 7.x!

MOVE YOUR LAZY ASSES APPLE and FINISH 64-bit QUICKTIME 10 RIGHT NOW!!!! It should have been finished A YEAR AGO!!!!!

I hope other Apple users are equally pissed off at this stoooopidity from Apple. (And folks, I NEVER troll).

Did I adequately get my annoyance across? Will Apple be adequately shamed? Do you think Apple will get the clue that I noticed their laziness?

Clearly, this is NOT going to be the year of full, 64-bit secure Quicktime. The waiting drags on and on...


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  1. They are still actively developing QuickTime 7 (Pro). There is a new beta due out soon. I'm afraid it's never their intention to replace QT7 with QTX. Never ever.

    They should have named QuickTime X something else to avoid the confusion.