Thursday, March 17, 2011

"US cyber war defences 'very thin',
Pentagon Warns"

A quick post to note an article that finally points out the big DUH: That the US government has terrible cyber-security. It is well known, certainly if you've been following my posts, that the US government has been repeatedly PWNed by Red China since 1998. The US feds only admit, however, to being PWNed since 2007 when they discovered all their computers attached to the Internet had been infected with bots that were feeding every piece of their data over to Red China. It was also uncovered around that time that Red China had been circulating an internal memo declaring 'cyber war' on the USA. This is our #1 trading partner benefiting from 'Most Favored Nation' status. The mind boggles.

It's a good and short read, important if only because the Pentagon has finally come clean about their incredible LACK of readiness in the ongoing cyber-security warz.

US cyber war defences 'very thin', Pentagon Warns

And yes, despite FUD to the contrary, the US feds would be remarkably better off if only they would dump Windows and, chant along with me:


Red China says: "Thank you USA for using Windows!" (0_o)

Mac OS X is far from perfect. But Windows is far from adequate. Mac OS X remains the single safest GUI operating system on the planet. Only OpenBSD and FreeBSD have better security reputations. Sorry Linux.

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