Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Windows Users ONLY:
Adobe Screw Up Yet-Again!
Acrobat & Reader Updates
DON'T Fix PDF Security Hole

For Frack's sake! Adobe = Idiotic Security.

I'm patience counting again: 1 - 2 - 3 . . .

NOTE: This is ONLY a Windows user problem. We Mac OS X users can sit back and gasp. But we are NOT affected (as far as we can tell at this time).

We know Adobe security is bad. We know their attitude toward their security problems is bad. But now we can verify that Adobe are indeed idiots at security. This incident throws their security incompetence into a whole other ballpark.

Enough ranting from me. Windows Users, read and weap this message from Intego:

Last Adobe Reader and Acrobat Update Doesn’t Fix PDF Bug

"... It turns out that Adobe’s fix was not enough. Adobe is aware of the issue and will be issuing an update to the update soon."

Keep in mind, Mac users, that if you use Windows you ARE affected. This means if you load Windows via virtualization or natively via Boot Camp. This PDF exploit is active in-the-wild. Beware.

Again, only Acrobat 8 and Reader 8 are safe. You can roll back to those versions and you're fine. It's Windows versions 9.x that are being exploited. Do NOT use them at this time on the Internet. Do NOT use them with any PDF file that you have not verified as 100% authentic and safe.

And of course, if you're affected, write Adobe a great big 'Thank You' note for being so kind, caring and conscientious toward their customers. /s

[Newbies: "/s" designates sarcasm]

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